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To listen. To hear. To convey.
The Human Experience.
To feel one’s emotional state
And share it with another.
This is what we are all about.

Our project started as a means of sharing deep
emotional stories of the lives of American Muslims.

If you listen to any of our productions, and are moved
to tears, feel angry, sad, extremely happy or overjoyed.

Then we did this right.

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Vying for the same office: Muslim candidates for City Council

Cambridge, MA was hot recently in a historic election where incumbents and new candidates competed for one of the seats on city council in Cambridge.  But among them was a young Muslim named Nadeem Mazen. In this audio documentary, the journey follows Nadeem as first time ever candidate competing for one of these offices, and competing, as well, against another Muslim too.

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Two brothers

This is a story about two brothers who spent every moment together since childhood, never attending school or work. Several stressful circumstances in their lives, including experiencing a war, may have developed difficult mental conditions that their family had to learn … more

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Saudi Man Speaks Out

Immediately after the bombings on marathon monday in Boston, media reported that a Saudi man was being being questioned by authorities. Some stated him as a suspect, others as just a person of interest. 24 hours later, the media stated … more

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The quick escape!

Listen to the nail-biting story of a young American political strategist working in Malaysia for a once successful, then jailed, now resurgent politician working hard to become the next Prime Minister. This brilliant political strategist created a genius system to … more

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Grandpa Jack

Listen to the story of Jack, an 80-something-year-old-man who served as a train conductor in India and Pakistan during the years of partition in the 1940s. Jack’s life would quickly unravel after those years. But when he was trying to … more

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